The Unsolved Ciphers of the Zodiac Killer

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On October 27, 1970 the Halloween card pictured here was sent by the ‘Zodiac Killer’ to Paul Avery, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. Pretty scary, huh?

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The memories of this year’s Halloween may be fading, but it makes sense to be wary of any suspicious person following you and perhaps not go out there alone after dark.

If you were to forget these words of warning, the thought of the Zodiac Killer might serve as a reminder. The Zodiac Killer was arguably the most devious murderer in the history of American serial killers.

He claimed to have murdered 37 people in his letters to the San Francisco Chronicle. He has not been caught yet. Maybe he is even still alive, living next door or a few blocks away from you, planning to make a return with another heinous crime.