Why We Should Donate to Environmental Charities

PandaPhoto: Jeff Kubina

Carbon offsetting is a step towards preventing irreversible climate change – but it is not enough to do the job alone. Real measures must be taken in every aspect of day to day life to pursue greener practices. This can be accomplished in a number of ways such as carpooling, reducing flights taken, recycling or utilizing local goods.

One of the better ways to produce effective, positive change is to donate money to environmental charities. These charities can take the money donated and use it in clean up efforts in regions where there is heavy pollution. Money donated to charities may be used to find ways to clean heavily polluted areas such as rivers or lakes, preserve habitats from destruction and protect endangered species.

Better results can be had when money is donated to a number of sources that can affect real change rather than just relying on carbon offsetting alone to help protect the environment. The efficiency brought from these charities allows for faster results as they are designed to perform specific tasks for the environment.