These Are the 35 Most Useless Members of Congress

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On The Women's Health Protection Act
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Given that there are 535 elected officials currently serving in Congress, there are bound to be some who pull their weight more, get a greater number of bills passed and do more for the public than others. When it comes to these 35, though, it’s clear that their report cards ought to be marked “Could do better.”

That’s because they’ve proven themselves to be among the least effective legislators to have spent a complete term or more in Congress, as the data from provided with each entry reveals. Calculated by InsideGov, each effectiveness score shows the – often remarkably pitiful – proportion of bills a given individual has sponsored that have actually managed to get the nod from committee, barring any of the legislation brought in in the ongoing 114th Congress.

So if your representative or senator is on the list, then maybe it’s worth a good hard think before you vote them back in when it’s election time again.

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) Holds News Conference On Hezbollah
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35. Robert P. Casey, Jr.

Effectiveness Score: 2%
Total Sponsored Bills: 420
Bills Passed Committee: 9
Serving Since: 2007

Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. may have followed his pop’s footsteps all the way to Congress, but it looks like he hasn’t been able to fill those paternal shoes. Some, in particular, have claimed that the Democrat from Pennsylvania isn’t delivering on his pro-life promises.