Massachusetts Town Hires Professional Landfill Sniffers


I think we may have found a new candidate for the next list of 100 worst jobs in the world.


Here’s a possible job description: Do you enjoy smelling horrible things all day? Can you rate horrible smells on a scale of 1-8? If so, then we’ve got a job for you!

The town of Northampton, Massachusetts is hiring a crack squad of trained noses. The “sniff squad”, as it’s being called, will be brought in to take a good smell of the town’s pungent landfills. The stink-sniffers will be charged with the duty to determine whether or not the landfill reeks too much for neighboring homes to stand.

The effort comes after the state ordered independent odor testing of the landfills. The town signed a whopping $25,000 contract to hire the specially trained noses from an environmental management company in a nearby town.

These are hardly your everyday smelly Joes. The team has been specially trained to be able to not only detect but accurately rate the smelliness of rotting garbage and gases.

They’ll use a scale of 1-8 to determine how smelly the landfills are. That’s a one for “relatively unsmelly” and an eight is something like “rotting dead skunk mixed with the smell you most fear”. To aid them in their ratings, the team carries a special kit with the world’s smelliest scratch and sniff. The scratch cards have smells of various ratings, again 1-8, to help the sniffers match the smell ratings as closely as possible.

There’s money at stake for the city. Should the sniff squad determine the landfills’ reek is too pungent, the city will face fines or have to improve the landfills’ smells somehow.

Info from Yahoo