Skeptic’s Corner


Environmental Graffiti is not exactly known for being a hotbed of climate change skepticism.


In general, we believe that global warming is real and at least partially increasing because of human activity.

That being said, we realized that there are people out there, even a few environmentalists, that don’t hold that opinion. And while we may have our own beliefs on the subject, we think it’s useful to at least hear the alternative viewpoint whether you agree with it or not.

To that end, we’ll be publishing occasional articles in a feature called Sceptic’s Corner. Please note that all views expressed in this column are the author’s alone and don’t represent Environmental Graffiti as a whole

Our first article comes from Tim Bristow. Like us, Tim is not a scientist. He is, however, an intelligent man and accomplished skeptic. He once made a large number of ghost hunters look like idiots after he pretended his house was haunted and they all came by and confirmed it despite the house being completely non-haunted. Here are Tim’s thoughts on global warming:

I would like to put a ‘skeptic’ view and how in a few years time we will be all laughing at ourselves for having got in such a state about what is fundamentally a natural phenomenon – Climate change. We will also be admiring all those profit making companies who jumped on the money making ‘carbon offsetting’ bandwagon – well done them. What a delicious scam.

The fact we and every living being breathe out carbon dioxide, and the fact that less than 3% of worldwide CO2 emissions is down to human activity seems to escape the woolly headed ex CND, leftie Environmentalists who are far more concerned with preaching the anti globalisation, capitalism thing. This is why they have been so caught out by the ‘CO2-free’ use of nuclear power. How do you get round that one you lentil eating bearded one?

Global warming causes CO2 levels to rise in the atmosphere (particularly off a warming sea). It is NOT C02 levels causing global warming – Al Gore and your cronies. How did you get the ‘causality’ so wrong??? Indeed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the US ( ) using the latest satellite records show that global temperatures have dropped by 0.2C in the last 10 years and that the hottest decade in the last century was the 1930s! How does one explain the fact the Chinese charted the whole of Greenland in 1421 by sailing round it? How could they do that? Because it was warmer then than it is now. How many four wheel drives caused that bit of global warming, eh?

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