Stop & Search I-Spy

As the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow Airport warms up for a 24-hour mass demonstration this Sunday, organisers are anticipating trouble from the police. The Met Office claims the camp has been infiltrated by “troublemakers”, and about 1,800 officers are to be deployed on Sunday and Monday, when the main demonstrations are planned.

So far there have been 21 arrests.

Exasperated by the heavy police presence and frequent stop-and-search incidents, protestors have decided to make the best of the situation by developing a competition: Stop & Search I-Spy.

Simply reprint your copy from the website and fill in appropriately. You get 1 point for each stop & search, 5 points for every item confiscated by police, and 10 points if you’re stopped under obscure laws, but lose 10 points every time they take your name and address. Significantly there are no points allocated for getting arrested, but you do win 2 if you can get your arresting officer to caution you in Gaelic, Welsh or Cornish!

The scorecards are a clever way of enabling the camp’s Legal Support team to monitor police behaviour, and those with the most points will win prizes at the end of the week.