UN: ‘Humanity is at Risk’

The UN Environment Program (UNEP) has warned that failing to address environmental issues puts humanity at risk.


A UNEP audit of the world’s environmental condition says that governments are failing to address critical issues such as global warming, population growth, and animal extinctions. The study involved over 1,400 scientists, and warns that consumption is massively outstripping resources.

Humans are also threatening the wellbeing of other species. A significant percentage of animals are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss and hunting by humans.

Climate change is an even more pressing issue. 10% of rivers run dry before they can reach the sea. While the Kyoto protocols set ambitious protocols and many nations have reduced pollution levels, response to global warming has frequently been sluggish or insignificant.

One of the scientists working on the report described the current situation as a race to see whether global leaders can act in time to save the planet. It characterizes the response to global warming as “woefully inadequate” and exhibiting a “remarkable lack of urgency.”

The report says that irreversible damage to the global climate is extremely likely unles
s greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to below half of their 1990 level by 2050. It calls upon richer and more developed countries to make even greater reductions to allow some leeway in the developing world, which must also make deep cuts in its emissions levels.

Source: Guardian

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