What The Neocons Think About Sustainable Energy


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Some skepticism is good, and I am certainly not suggesting that the government should always be trusted. But conspiracy theories tend to fall under two categories; “plausible” and “WTF?” Some people are incapable of dicerning between the two.

According to the winter ’08 issue of the Intelligence Report, there was no shortage of the latter kind of conspiracy theory going around at the Ninth Annual Freedom 21 conference, held near Dallas last July. How does that concern us? Because most of the baseless and laughably paranoid accusations were aimed at the environmentalist movement, especially sustainable energy.

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Among the dozen or so speakers at the conference were the rabidly anti-feminist and homophobic Phyllis Schlafly and Jerome Corsi, an illegal immigrant basher who recently got into trouble with Kenyan authorities for trying to enter their country illegally to dig up dirt on Barack Obama. These fine folks and their friends are convinced that sustainable energy is part of some diabolical scheme to undermine our Judeo/Christian values, set up a one world government (a favorite bogeyman of the far-right for decades) and take away guns. Yes, they actually had some guy come in and talk about how solar power is a threat to the right to bear arms. And he was serious.

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If you want specifics, check out the links to both the Intelligence Report article and to Freedom21. If anything, it might make for a good laugh. It might also be interesting to know what some people in the US-including several state senators-honestly believe about sustainable energy.

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