Who is Killing the Canadian Electric Car?


By new contributor Brian Gordon. Brian is a Canadian Green Party candidate and is trained by Al Gore to present “An Inconvenient Truth”. If you feel like writing for us, drop us an email!

There are two electric car manufacturers in Canada – and the government is killing them both.

electric car

One in British Columbia has already shut down operations and is moving elsewhere, and the other in Quebec says they may soon go, too. Is this the Avro Arrow all over again? Canada comes up with world-leading technology, and the Canadian government caves to American corporate pressure to kill off what could be an entry for Canada into the new green economy of the future?

The story of the car manufacturers is carried on CBC, here:

The remaining car manufacturer has a site here: http://www.zenncars.com/index.html. The car is called ZENN, for Zero Emission, No Noise.

The electric car manufacturers are shutting down because the Canadian government won’t let them sell in Canada – even though they can sell in the United States, which has the same standards. And they’re selling in other countries, and the cars have won awards, and the cars cost thousands less than fossil fuel burning cars.

The Canadian government is preventing Canadians from being able to buy Canadian designed and manufactured cars – that are less expensive and much better for the environment.

No wonder Prime Minister Harper says Canada can’t meet Kyoto – he’s doing what he can to sabotage the chances.

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