The 20 Most Beautiful Women on The Planet


Kendell Jenner 20 Beautiful
Image: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

With Photoshop trickery and smartphone filters, beauty can be difficult to measure – hardly anyone, it seems, looks like they’re having an off day anymore. Some women’s natural radiance, however, puts them head and shoulders above the competition. Take these 20 ladies, for example, who are undoubtedly the prettiest on the planet.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Focus" - Arrivals
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20. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is fast proving that she’s more than just a pretty face, not least if you’ve seen her star turn in The Wolf of Wall Street. The Australian actress will soon light up the silver screen again in Suicide Squad, as supervillain Harley Quinn.


Zoe Saldana 20 Beautiful
Image: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Samsung

19. Zoe Saldana

Having starred in Avatar and Star Trek, it seems that dazzling Zoe Saldana has a thing for sci-fi. Let’s hope the thirtysomething New Jersey native keeps boldly going where no actress has gone before – and she’ll look good while doing it.