20 Rarely-Seen Photos Of Carrie Fisher That‘ll Make You Wish We Had Our Princess Back

Image: lovelyritatheseeker
Image: via lovelyritatheseeker

18. “I have a bad feeling about this”

It wasn’t just the Wookiee that Fisher liked to cosy up to on set, though. Indeed, here Princess Leia can be seen sharing a smooch with protocol droid C-3PO, played by actor Anthony Daniels. Following Fisher’s death, Daniels told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that the actress remains “a joy to remember.”

Image: Ink Tanks
Image: via  Ink Tank

17. “Seriously, Mark – cut it out!”

By most accounts, by and large, Star Wars’ cast got on like a house on fire. That being said, Fisher doesn’t look too happy with co-star Mark Hamill – a.k.a. Luke Skywalker – playing with her hair here. In fact, it looks like he took their roles as squabbling brother and sister a little too much to heart.


Image: Dove/Stringer/Getty Images
Image: Dove/Evening Standard/Getty Images

16. A showbiz upbringing

Carrie Fisher’s death was shocking enough, but her mother Debbie Reynolds’ passing a day later added an even more tragic note to the news. However, shots like this – taken in 1972 when Fisher was only 15 – show the two in much happier times. Needless to say, they will both be sorely missed.