10 Classic Movie Cameos by Flea


Image: YouTube/Tucin09

Michael Peter Balzary is better known to the world as Flea, who of course plays in the hugely successful band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He’s arguably one of the best bass players around, but did you know that he’s also pretty clever when it comes to movie cameos? Since 1983, Flea has appeared in more than 20 films. In an interview with Rolling Stone he said, “I just lucked into this weird, little obscure cameoesque film career. I just love being a part of film history.” Here’s a look at ten classic Flea movie cameos.

blue iguana
Image: IMFDB

10. Floyd – The Blue Iguana (1988)

Okay, Flea, we forgive you for this one. The 1988 comedy crime caper The Blue Iguana stars Dylan McDermott as bounty hunter Vince Holloway, who’s blackmailed by two psychotic tax collectors. In an epically scathing review, film critic Roger Ebert wrote, “I have no idea why this movie was made. I have no notions of what the actors in it thought they were doing. I have no clues as to whether the writer-director, John Lafia, thought it was funny. I do not know why Paramount released it.” Flea appears as an overexcited henchman named Floyd – in a movie that’s not that amazing.


Son In Law
Image: YouTube/Lewis Rocknrolla

9. Tattoo Artist – Son In Law (1993)

In wacky 1993 Pauly Shore comedy Son In Law (directed by Steve Rash), Carla Gugino plays country bumpkin “Becca” Warner, who moves from South Dakota to attend college in Los Angeles. She soon makes friends with California slacker “Crawl” (played by Shore) and takes him back home for Thanksgiving to meet her family. Flea, in an uncredited cameo, appears as a tank top-wearing tattoo artist who doesn’t do much other than give menacing stares. He also gives Becca a tattoo of a butterfly on her ankle and delivers the memorable line, “You pick it, I stick it.” It’s not the best look for Flea, but it’s still a solid cameo. Who else wanted to see Pauly Shore stranded in California and Flea taken to the Midwest in his place?