10 Hottest Girls With Guns in Movies

Image: YouTube/UniversalMovies

Quentin Tarantino claimed that “girls will have a dose of girl power” from watching his 2003 classic Kill Bill, and no character in the movie literally cuts to the quick better than The Bride, played by Uma Thurman. An angry dame with a penchant for revenge served at sub-zero temperatures, The Bride uses blade, fist and miscellaneous sharp items lying around to exact righteous vengeance on her enemies. Still, while it was awesome to see Uma punch a man in the chest until his heart explodes, it’s the combination of female and firearm that arguably holds the greatest allure throughout the history of cinema. Many of the movies that best utilize this delectable mix are of the “B” variety, although there are a few examples of blockbusters pairing lipstick with smoking barrels to great effect, too. Either way, holster your pistol as we celebrate super-strong females everywhere – with a list of the 10 most iconic girls with guns in movies.

Image: YouTube/TheNorbertchen

10. Gail – Sin City (2005)

Robert Rodriguez’s 2005 movie adaptation of the cult classic Frank Miller comic features no shortage of feisty females making up for missing clothes by covering themselves in firearms. However, possibly the most badass of them all is the head hooker in Basin City, Gail. Played by the ever-glamorous Rosario Dawson, Gail holds her own and gives no quarter to the pigheaded dudes that step on her turf. She’s a true cowgirl and a true badass, and there isn’t a man alive whose jaw didn’t hit the floor when she shot her way onto the big screen.