13 Most Shameless Pepsi Product Placements In Movies


Image: YouTube/movieclips

Even Hollywood has to pay the bills. All those Will Smith blockbusters don’t pay for themselves, you know. So studio suits turn to recognizable brands with cash on their hips, basically prostituting their films and turning them into a series of short mini-ads – for the right price or cost cut, of course. Sometimes these product placements seem to have been written into the script, flowing seamlessly with the narrative. Then there’s 2013’s World War Z, in which a battle-weary Brad Pitt turns to a Pepsi vending machine for comfort in the wake of a blood-spilling zombie apocalypse. With this in mind, we look at 13 of the most obvious Pepsi product placements in recent movies.

Thomas Crowne
Image: YouTube/SubaruXT6

13. The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Damn, Rene Russo murders a Pepsi ONE in this classic Pepsi-plugging scene. Her eyes roll back and she looks like she’s having an orgasm as she chugs on the evidently tasty sugar-free cola – no doubt letting off the biggest belch you ever heard as soon as director John McTiernan yelled “Cut!” Corporate responsibilities aside, in The Thomas Crown Affair Russo plays insurance investigator Catherine Olds Banning, who’s working with the NYPD to catch financier-turned-art thief Thomas Crown (played by Pierce Brosnan). Released in 1999, it was a remake of Norman Jewison’s timeless 1968 hit featuring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. We doubt Dunaway would have been quite so obliging.


Final Destination
Image:YouTube/The Movie Planet

12. The Final Destination (2009)

The fourth but still not final installment in the Final Destination series, misleadingly titled The Final Destination, was released in 2009 and directed by David R. Ellis. If you haven’t been paying attention, the series features hordes of vapid, initially Death-cheating Tommy Hilfiger model types being obliterated one by one in a series of increasingly gruesome – and increasingly ridiculous – supernatural execution set pieces. This time, the cast had a seemingly unlimited supply of Pepsi on tap to lubricate their screams. From the opening speedway track massacre to the movie theater killing off of stubborn brunette Janet Cunningham (played by Haley Webb), the number of Pepsi logos that greet the gaze in this film is as over the top as the premise itself. If anything, it makes us want a Coke.