40 Finished Films That Moviegoers Will Never See

Image: via Den of Geek

Filmmakers put their necks on the line when taking on the responsibility of bringing a script to life. But while creating a movie is a daunting task, managing the behind-the-scenes politicking to get it distributed can be even worse. And as a result, there’s no shortage of finished motion pictures that fail to hit the big screen. Here, we take a look at 40 of them.

Image: YouTube/AVARY
Image: via YouTube/AVARY

40. Glitterati

Shady tactics implemented within the movie business is nothing new, but director Roger Avery took it to a new level with his 2004 motion picture Glitterati. Why? Because the controversial filmmaker didn’t even inform the many of those on-screen that they were being filmed for a movie. Thus, it has never seen the light of day.