20 Hollywood Big Shots Who Really Didn’t Enjoy Kissing Their Co-Stars

Image: via IMDb

What do you do if you really don’t want to kiss your co-star, but the script demands it? Well, most actors just think of the paycheck and pucker up. The show must go on, after all. Usually, however, the acting fraternity does not kiss and tell until the movie is in the can and the promotional trail has concluded.

And that may indeed be the sensible option, since stories of weird, uncomfortable or even downright unhygienic kisses can certainly take the sheen off great romantic movie magic. However, we now know that these make-out movie moments ended up grossing out their participants.

Image: via Movie Screencaps

20. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing)

All things considered, 1987’s Dirty Dancing is just aching with romantic longing. But, alas, that was far from the case in real life. According to leading man Patrick Swayze’s 2010 autobiography, The Time of My Life, he and co-star Jennifer Grey “couldn’t stand” each other when they first began shooting the movie. “[Grey] rolled her eyes when I stayed in character between takes,” Swayze wrote in the book. And yet, despite the animosity, the actors rose above the situation and managed to pull off several convincing kisses.