10 Legendary Bandmates Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other


Images: Dena Flows / Ed Vill

At some stage in our lives we’re all guilty of falling out with people, whether it be family, loved ones or co-workers. And our favorite musicians have proved no different in this regard, with a series of bitter spats, lawsuits and even physical altercations involving bandmates littering the history of popular music.

Here’s a look at ten of the most legendary rock band member rivalries, complete with creative tensions and outright hatred – which, it should be added, didn’t compromise the making of some seriously awesome music. In fact, if the achievements of these bands are anything to go by, then people getting along with each other may be ever so slightly overrated.

John Lennon
Image: Michiganensian

10. John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney – The Beatles

They’re arguably the most legendary songwriting partnership of them all, yet the relationship between the foremost creative forces in perhaps the world’s best-known band famously turned sour toward the end of The Beatles’ existence. In the heady early days, though, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were considerably more cordial toward each other; in fact, they initially made a point of always sharing songwriting credits, regardless of who had the greater input into a composition. Moreover, as the band’s longtime record producer George Martin noted, the tension between the pair “made for the bond” – and yet while this may have worked for a time, things eventually boiled over.


Paul McCartney on stage in England(CC-Oli Gill)
Image: Oli Gill

The death of The Beatles’ famous manager Brian Epstein in 1967 led to McCartney reportedly gaining greater influence over the band and in the process seemingly taking control away from Lennon. Further resentment grew when Lennon signed up Allen Klein to manage the band’s record company, Apple, a move very much against McCartney’s wishes. And just as tensions were peaking at the beginning of the ’70s, McCartney released his first solo album – a precursor to a split if ever there was one. However, McCartney has subsequently said that the pair had reconciled by the time of Lennon’s murder in New York a decade later.