10 Legendary Bandmates Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other


Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry performs live (Eva Rinaldi)
Image: Eva Rinaldi

9. Bryan Ferry vs. Brian Eno – Roxy Music

Musical differences marked the tensions between Roxy Music’s foppish crooner Bryan Ferry and androgynous producer-turned-performer Brian Eno. Eventually, the English art rock group would seemingly prove too restrictive a space to incorporate the two musicians, who despite sharing a – differently spelled – first name had very divergent ideas about where the band’s sound should go. Still, the full-length records that Roxy Music created while Eno was in the band – that is, their self-titled debut and the celebrated “For Your Pleasure” – may have made the struggles all worth it.

Brian Eno on Top of Pops In 1974 (CC-AVRO)
Image: AVRO

The crux of the feud was that Ferry was keen to guide Roxy Music into radio-friendly pop rock waters, while Eno wanted to explore his avant-garde tendencies within the band. The difference in opinion eventually became too much for Eno, who left Roxy Music in 1973. “I don’t want to damage Roxy [by talking about differences with Ferry],” he told The Telegraph four decades later. “I mean, I really like the other members, and I… really like Bryan in a funny way.” Despite this, though, the pair did join forces again for Roxy Music’s 2001 reunion tour.


Joey Ramone
Image: Harry Potts

8. Joey Ramone vs. Johnny Ramone – Ramones

Credited by many for spearheading the nascent punk rock movement of the mid- to late-1970s, the Ramones boiled rock ‘n’ roll down to the basics: a handful of chords, rudimentary but effective melodies, and lyrics that verged on the banal but were nevertheless hard to resist. All the band members also took on the surname “Ramone,” giving them the air of rock brothers-in-arms – and like many brothers, the Ramones didn’t always get along.