The Parents Of Game Of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey Have Said She Is Too Young To Watch All Of The Show

Image: Instagram/bellaramsey / IMDb
Image: Instagram/bellaramsey / Image: via IMDb

Bella Ramsey didn’t join the Game of Thrones cast until its sixth season, but her first appearance made waves. Her feisty, confident portrayal of Lyanna Mormont, the only surviving heir of the powerful Bear Island, instantly earned her fans among the series’ most ardent viewers. And as a result, the show’s creators took note.

Image: IMDb
Image: via IMDb

It turned out that the series creators had considered using Ramsey for only one episode. However, after her initial appearance in season six, they realized they had a star on their hands. So, Ramsey appeared in nine episodes, concluding with the show’s long-awaited battle of the living and the dead. And, naturally, the young leader of Bear Island joined the fight.