15 Images of the Moon as You've Never Seen it Before

15 Images of the Moon as You've Never Seen it Before

  • Image: thombo2

    The moon is at her full, and riding high,
    Floods the calm fields with light.
    The airs that hover in the summer sky
    Are all asleep tonight
    ~ William C. Bryant

    In Costa Rica, they say that if you can see a ‘halo’ or ring around the night moon, you will get three or four days of slow but steady rain – and you can see a distinct halo in this first photograph.

  • Image: hojusaram

    This photograph was taken in Korea at a Full Moon Festival. The light of the fire and the smoke gives the stars a golden hue, and they stand out with the moon as if they were its offspring.

    The moon is the fifth largest satellite in our solar system and the Earth’s only natural satellite, measuring at one quarter of the size of our planet.

  • Image: Diego Silvestre

    This beautiful shot shows the moon above a thin line of clouds shining onto a lake. The photograph was taken at Kew-Balmy Beach, Toronto, Canada.

    The atmosphere gives the moon a hazy look in this picture. It is low enough that it has a red haze around it – because the blue is scattered away in the atmosphere. Yet even when there is no haze, you will find the moon redder when it is low in the sky (for the reasons stated above). When the moon is up high in the sky, on the other hand, the atmosphere doesn’t obscure it as much and it turns yellow. The same thing happens with the Sun when it is rising as well.

  • Image: Paul Hart

    The small break in the clouds seen here makes this an amazing shot. The picture was taken with a long exposure on Eilean Donan in Loch Duich, Scotland.

    The distance of the moon from Earth is an average of 238,857 miles, but because of its elliptical orbit, it can be further away or closer, depending on where it is in its orbit. This phenomenon means that the size of the full moon will vary from one month to the next. You can see in these pictures that some seem much larger, while others are smaller at approximately the same heights.

  • Image: George Groutas

    This stunning photograph was taken in August 2007, as the full moon was rising in Dhali, Cyprus. The picture truly makes us wish to visit one day, as it looks to be a truly beautiful place.

  • Image: Alan L

    This image is titled ‘Hawaiian Moonlight No.3′. The rainbow of color you can see around the moon is a rare sight, though the photographer was lucky enough to capture it perfectly.

  • Image: Matthias Kabel

    The moon seen here is rising in all its orange glory over the Gaisberg mountain near Salzburg. Remember, the orange is due to the fact that the moon is still low in the atmosphere, meaning the red waves are not being scattered away.

  • Image: Frank van de Velde

    Titled ‘Moonlight at sea’, this beautiful picture shows the moon over the Baltic Sea with clouds moving in.

  • Image: Dave Young

    ‘A Rhapsody in Blue’ is our name for this photograph, though the photographer calls it ‘Moonlight Over the Ranges’. It was taken in Okato, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  • Image: Raul Carillo Garrido

    A photo from May last year, called ‘Moonlight in Shadow’, this is one of the simplest but prettiest pictures of the moon collected here.

  • Image: Luz A. Villa

    Capturing the silhouette of a bird on power lines in the light of the full moon, this shot is spectacular. It was taken in Medellin, Colombia, in 2007.

  • Image: gnuckx

    This photograph looks like it shows the Sun rising, when really it is the moon that is rising – in Sicily, Italy.

  • Image: gnuckx

    And here’s another shot of that beautiful moon over Sicily. Bellissimo!

  • Image: Denka Georgieva

    This stunning pic comes from Bulgaria and shows an interesting contrast of colors: the black cliffs, the deep blue sea, and the lighter blue of the sky – not to mention the golden moon and its reflection.

    In this situation, the white color of the moon is due to the fact that it is high enough in the sky to be clear of atmospheric interference.

  • Image: Yumi Kimura

    The full moon is one of nature’s most precious wonders, and these pictures show it captured in all its glory. As you can see, the snapshots stretch the globe, from Asia, to New Zealand, to Eastern and Western Europe, to North and South America. It is Mother Nature’s art, free to all of us… We just wish we had the talent to capture it as these wonderful photographers have done!

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