Famous Fighting Bull to be Cloned

A Mexican cattle rancher hopes to clone a bull famous for his bravery in the bullfighting ring.


Zalamero, meaning Fawner, is a 17 year-old bull that earned the distinction of being an “indultado”, a bull whose life is spared by the matador for its incredible bravery in the ring. The bull was given his status after a 1994 fight in the world’s largest bullring in Mexico City.

Livestock cloning company ViaGen will clone the animal in Canadian laboratories. The animal will be cloned from samples taken from his ears and feet. Bull owner Jose Manuel Fernandez said: “We believe this animal deserves to keep reproducing himself. We are going to do four copies because two cattle ranchers have asked me for them and I am going to keep two.” Zalamero has already sired 100 offspring.

The genetic samples were collected by ViaGen’s Mexican director Jose Cordoba, who hopes to deliver the clones in a year and a half.

Source: Reuters

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