10 Dangerous Tornado Myths Debunked

Image: Justin Hobson

A tornado is an incredibly violent and dangerous storm. This aspect of severe weather forms a rotating column of air, reaching down from the base of cumulus or cumulonimbus clouds. If the narrow end of the funnel cloud reaches to the ground, it becomes a tornado.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in damage are caused every year; even more importantly, hundreds of deaths occur. There are many myths out there about tornadoes. Common wisdom is often wrong and sometimes dangerously so.

Image: Supportstorm

10. A Tornado Never Forms in Winter

Although they normally need warm weather to form, tornadoes can form in winter, even over snow or ice, and they can move quickly then too. Not only do they exist but they can be just as deadly as the warm weather tornadoes. In the 8 years between 2000 and 2008, 169 of 539 US tornado deaths were in winter.