Big Steamy Ships Produce Massive Emissions

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In the battle for public opinion, the maritime industry has emerged relatively unscathed, while the aviation industry has faced constant attacks over the level of CO2 emitted by planes.

ship pollution

Today, however, tanker organization Intertanko released a report stating that worldwide emissions of CO2 from shipping are at twice the level of those from aviation. This flies in the face of previous estimates, which had put the level of shipping emissions as roughly the same as those from aircraft.

Intertanko suggests that global trade growth in combination with ships delivering freight more quickly, which burns more fuel, are the biggest reasons for the increase.

Ships face few restrictions on the amount of CO2 they emit, and their emissions levels are measured far more rarely than airplanes. Certain governments, however, are considering instituting methods to reduce ship emissions as they attempt to fight global warming.

Source: BBC

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