Climate Change: The Greatest Threat to the World

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Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing the world today. This change creates a situation in which the environment is no longer capable of sustaining the current level of population growth. In order to slow the progression of climate change, pollution must be slowed and reduced while long term changes are made to prevent further damage from being done.

Touted as the solution to climate change, carbon offsetting does not fundamentally address the underlying problem caused by climatic damage. While preventing new pollution is important, it does not remove the current levels in any form and this is where the problem lies.

Carbon offsetting is sometimes used by those who have a high pollution lifestyle to try to offset the waste created. This often adds to the underlying problem as real changes are not made to prevent problems. Carbon pollution is not removed by using offsetting credits, and the practice will only prevent a set amount from being created in the future. This is not sufficient to prevent negative climate change if lifestyle changes are not also made.