How Hot Weather Increases Child Injury Rates

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Whether one believes in global warming or the slight increase/decrease in global temperatures, one thing is for sure: It not only affects our plant and wildlife, but it affects how humans live.

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This is why it should not come as any surprise that the mere increase in temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius pushes serious child injuries and/or visits to the emergency room by a whopping 10%.

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According to this research, hospitals across England were evaluated closely over a period between 1996 and 2006. It discovered that among the 60,000 adults and children admitted, not only did an increase in temperature boost emergency admissions, but so did daylight. Just two extra hours of daylight in the day made a huge difference in worsening the statistics of serious child injuries.

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One would likely deduce that warmer temperatures would have the same affect on adults too. However, there was not much of a difference in worsening serious adult injuries with warmer temperatures. In fact, their injuries statistically increased only about 3% with every 5-degree-increase in temperature.

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Oddly enough, the same research discovered that with every decrease in temperature, approximately 5 degrees Celsius, adults had an increase in serious injuries and/or visits to the emergency room.

If warmer temperatures are thought to bring people outdoors, then the same popular belief simply doesn’t hold true in this case.

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Snow is considered by these researchers as the common link between people of all ages in relation to higher likelihood of serious accidents.

A warmer temperature is not the only thing to blame for an increase in serious childhood injuries. Incidentally, with warmer temperatures come more dog attacks too. This research finds that children are 27% more likely to sustain a dog attack injury during the warmer months.

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The take-home message is that even with the winter weather quickly approaching, take comfort in this. The warm weather isn’t always a good thing. It can be downright disastrous!