Ship Emissions Cause 60,000 Deaths a Year

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Emissions from ships cause 60,000 deaths a year from heart and lung-related cancers, according to a report published in the journal of the American Chemical Society.


“For a long time there’s been this perception that ship emissions are out there in the ocean and they don’t really affect anyone on land and I think this study shows that this is clearly false,” said David Marshall, senior counsel at the Boston-based Clean Air Task Force, which co-commissioned the study. “They do matter and they do need to be controlled.”

Fuel standards for the shipping industry lag behind those of the car industry, already meager enough. Most ships run on bunker fuel, which is cheap but a harmful pollutant.

“The international treaty process at the IMO (International Maritime Organization) has been a slow process by which consensus is reached, rather than a process by which a regulatory authority can set standards that an industry must agree to,” said James Corbett, one of the authors of the study.

“So this study, we think, is important to help policy-makers determine the appropriate path forward as they consider new regulations for shipping,” said Corbett, who is at the University of Delaware’s College of Marine and Earth Studies.

Via :: Reuters

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