Mummified Dinosaur Testing Faith of Creationists

Those who believe the world was created in a single day are most likely having a very trying day.

jesushorseAccording to creationists, this animal could have been one of Jesus’ dinohorses

Literal interpertations of the creation story have various methods of explaining dinosaurs– that they coexisted and died in Noah’s flood, or that the fossils are traps laid by God to test our faith–but I don’t think any of them were adequately prepared for this…

It seems that since 2004, paleontologists in southwest North Dakota have been carefully brushing away at what they believe is a duckbilled dinosaur, mummified in the mud–skin and all.

The 30-foot carcass, which is only the fourth dino-mummy found, and may very well be of the highest quality yet seen, has been examined by the largest CT scanner in the world in an attempt to quantify just what is hiding in a 5 ton block of sandstone. It will take approximately a year to unearth, and after that may become the main feature on a worldwide tour.

H/T: CNN and Barefoot and Progressive