The 30 Biggest Headcases in Wrestling History


Scott Steiner wrestler head case
Image: myspace/scottsfanmail

From the office prankster to that old guy propping up the bar, the world is full of larger than-life-characters, but nowhere are there greater extroverts and crazies than in the madcap realm of professional wrestling. Indeed, it seems that being at minimum a little psychotic is a prerequisite of entering a WWE or WCW ring. The following 30 eccentrics and loons are, though, by far the biggest headcases in wrestling history.

Psycho Sid acting like a total head case
Image: MandyJC72

30. Psycho Sid

Arkansas-born Sid Eudy’s reign as Psycho Sid in the 1990s really cemented his legacy as a headcase. In a stellar career, the menacing, six-foot-nine power-bombing nutjob claimed WWE, WCW and U.S. belts and could really get inside a rival’s mind.


The Boogeyman looking like a true head case
Image: Mshake3

29. Boogeyman

A worm-swallowing degenerate from the “Bottomless Pit,” the Boogeyman freaked out almost everyone following his 2005 WWE debut. The frightening fighter was known for shocking and twisted things, including chewing a mole off the unfortunate Jillian Hall’s face.