11 Impossibly Loaded Bicycles

A shoulder to lean onPhoto:
Image via Coolfunpics

Whoever doubts that the humble bicycle is the world’s most versatile vehicle will have to rethink upon seeing these pictures. Regardless whether in China, South America or India, people use bikes not only to get themselves from Point A to Point B, but also a whole load of other stuff. Here are a few pictures of impossible bicycle loads that seem to defy gravity.

Especially if the load is light, bulkiness seems to be of no concern. According to the motto, as long as there are two wheels, there’s a way. And you thought transporting a case of beer on your bike was a big deal…

Can we carry it? Yes, we can! – Watched too much Bob the Builder again?
Overloaded bikePhoto:
Image via bikerumor

Here’s a great example of how a bike can become a mobile stall for anything under the sun: plastic containers in all sizes, stools, hangers, toilet brushes, dusters, even clothes. Very enterprising indeed. We wonder if there’s an improved version for rainy days…

Household articles, anyone? There’s nothing this friendly neighbourhood vendour doesn’t have:
Mobile stallPhoto:
Image: Kimi & Martin

Make sure to look closely at the next image or you might miss one important item of the rikhshaw’s load – the mother (presumably) of the young man steering the cycle, perched precariously on top of what looks like bags of vegetables. She looks quite comfortable though, maybe because her husband is steadying the load from behind. Oh, and don’t miss the fact that none of the other people in the picture even give them as much as a glance. Just business as usual in Jaipur…

Fully loaded family outing in Jaipur, India:
Jaipur rickshawPhoto:
Image: amanderson2

One can’t fail to notice that it’s often recycling items that are transported on bikes. Kind of like being green all around… Here’s a cycle rickshaw, for example, seen on the streets of Lima, Peru, loaded to the brim with cardboard and probably other recyclable items. The owner has given up the idea of cycling and is pulling the rickshaw from the front, not an easy task for sure. Don’t miss the dog scurrying over on the otherwise deserted streets.

Recycling and green transportation:
Recycling in PeruPhoto:
Image: Nicoloas Nova

Technically, one could say that in the picture below, the bike is not loaded at all, just the trailer, but one got to admire the spirit! The bicycle owner must’ve thought, better two wheels than none, and really went for it. He shoved eight bags full of empty bottles onto his cart when even one would have been one heck of a load… Luckily, he’s not attempting to cycle, which might have been a traffic hazard.

Taking recycling to the extreme:
Extreme recyclingPhoto:
Image via swobo

In the case of the next picture, we’re not sure if the bike was found as it is and then exploited for an ad (for tape) or if the whole load was recreated simply for advertising purposes. In view of the creativity of recent ads and commercials (or lack thereof), we tend to believe the former but in either case, the picture is stunningly beautiful.

Reed baskets, anyone?
Reed baskets on bikePhoto:
Image via Scaryideas

The next picture reminds one of the old trick question children are often asked: What is heavier, 1 kg feathers or 1 kg lead? (Not quick to catch on, my reply was always 1 kg lead…) If you load up enough Styrofoam, its weight will add up, eventually.

Is styrofoam really weightless? A hardy cyclist on Chongming Island, Shanghai:
Bike loaded with styrofoamPhoto:
Image via winterson

This cycle rikhshaw, spotted on the streets of India, seems to be carrying a bulky but luckily light load for some company. One wonders if business is so bad that they can’t even rent a truck for the transport.

That’ll be one passenger and five bags. And make it quick:
Big bags IndiaPhoto:
Image: Sam Greenhalgh

The next picture is great for playing I Spy because it looks like this guy has loaded anything under the sun on his tricycle. There are several broken chairs, planks of varying sizes, plastic tubs, probably some bottles for recycling but hey, where’s the cyclist?

A shoulder to cry, er, lean on:
A shoulder to lean onPhoto:
Image via Coolfunpics

Here’s another marvel from the packing world: A cycle in China loaded to the brim with styrofoam bags. But hey, that didn’t really seem like a challenge so they added a cart and loaded that up too.

Could this be any more loaded?
Bike in China with trailerPhoto:
Image: Vinnie

Last but not least, this is easily the winner because of the picture’s unintended humour. Just as one wonders how the guy on the right will make it with all his boxes hanging more than askew, one spots the guy on the left, casually cycling with only one of those boxes, duh! Spotted in Guangzhou, China.

Lots of load bearing but no load sharing:
No load sharing herePhoto:
Image: Roger Price

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