20 Former Sports Stars You Didn’t Realize Are Now Slumming It In Regular Jobs


Mark Wohlers and Andre Rison
Image: Al Bello/Allsport/ Jed Jacobsohn/Allsport

You might assume that most professional sports stars would never have to experience a normal day’s work once they’ve hung up their boots. But actually, a fair number of them soon end up adopting a new 9-to-5 lifestyle.

Whether it’s due to them having frittered their fortunes away, wanting to better themselves or simply looking to relieve boredom, here are 20 ex-athletes who now ply their trades in areas far removed from the worlds of touchdowns, home runs and slam dunks.

Keith Fitzhugh
Image: NFL Photos/Getty Images

20. Keith Fitzhugh

Some pundits believed that Keith Fitzhugh had lost his mind when he rejected an offer from the New York Jets in order to become a full-time train conductor back in 2010. But the former star safety, who is now a terminal superintendent at Norfolk Southern Railway, told CNN in the same year that he was delighted to secure a job that guaranteed a regular pay check.


Tony Nathan
Image: George Rose/Getty Images

19. Tony Nathan

After stints as a coach at high school, collegiate and professional level, Tony Nathan followed in the footsteps of his former Miami Dolphins teammate-turned-judge Ed Newman when he entered the legal field. The former running back was actually offered a bailiff job by Newman, and the pair have reportedly enjoyed working together in the courtroom just as much as they did on the football field.