These Are the Most Beautiful Wives and Girlfriends in Golf


Image: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

They’re a lucky bunch, pro golfers. Not only are they paid megabucks to compete in a sport that millions count as a hobby, but they also get to travel the world as they do it. They tend to fare pretty well in the significant other stakes, too, as these shots of the 20 most stunning golfers’ wives and girlfriends prove.

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20. Ellie Day

Social media-savvy Ellie Day charmed golf fans the world over when she live-tweeted her husband Jason’s triumph at the 2015 PGA Championship. The pair exchanged vows in 2009 and have one child, with another currently on the way.


Image: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

19. Amber Watney

PGA Tour player Nick Watney has Rusty Uresti to thank for meeting the love of his life, for it was the caddie who put in a good word to his daughter Amber about him being the nicest guy on the circuit. The couple exchanged vows in October 2010.