Carpuccino: The Car That Runs on Coffee

The CarpuccinoPhoto: Car Scoop Blog

“The Carpuccino” was built by a team from the BBC1 science program “Bang Goes The Theory” to show that there are many more ways to fuel a car than just predictable old petrol and diesel.

According to Green and Save News, this remodeled 1988 Volkswagen goes approximately 3 miles for every kilo of ground coffee. This translates into about 56 espressos per mile, which is a little more than my rate on a Monday morning.

This will cost 25-50 times the price of petrol, which coincidentally seems to be around the same mark-up Starbucks practices. The Carpuccino will have to be refueled every 30-45 miles and can be powered only by roasted coffee granules.

The CarpuccinoPhoto:

The ‘gassification’ process could also be used to power a car on construction debris, agricultural waste or landfill. This, of course, makes the Carpuccino more than just a car you can finally have a cup of coffee with instead of just in. After all, any alternative form of energy is an important development in a culture consumed with a fuel crisis.

The Carpuccino will be on display at the Big Bang science fair in Manchester if you decide you want to join it for an espresso or two. However, it will be running on waste coffee grounds donated from Costa Coffee in order to save money, so you might want to bring your own brew.