Japanese Car Tuning: Vans with Insane Spoilers!

Japanese extreme vanPhoto: notariety

Car tuning means to modify the original body and/or engine of a vehicle, in order to improve its performances – or just to suit personal taste.

Tuning can be done to different levels and personalization can include modifications to the vehicle’s aesthetic, mechanic, engine, breaking system, suspensions, interiors, audio system and lighting. As every single modification is closely related to personal style, it is not easy for some changes to remain within the law after they have been in the hands of some artists and mechanics.

Car tuning is a worldwide practice. The colors of a Ford Falcon in Australia can reach pink and violet, the power of sound systems in Jamaica can be compared with a dance hall set up, and air brushed hoods are pretty much everywhere, but the craziest are definitely the Japanese.

Don't you bump me now, hear?Photo: IwateBuddy

The vans illustrated here are Japanese custom models and it’s not so hard to imagine that they just came out of some manga stories.

I believe you need to belong to the group to really unerstand why they do such a trasnformation. I am sure there are no limits to personal taste, so there are vintage lovers, driving old Volkwagen Beetles, and Japanese people adding wings and stabilizers to their vans.

Some say that the reason for this extreme tuning is a sort of advertising: the Japanese drivers that are willing to tune their car recognize the skills of these tuners and they choose them for their own cars. Although these are definitely extreme, car tuning is a hobby, a way to express yourelf, in the same way you wear a jacket or you use make up. To like it or not is just very personal. In the case of audio tuning it is for a particular passion for high volumes, but when you adjust your breaks or tyres you imporve your own safety.

Extreme Japanese Custom VansPhoto: IwateBuddy

Whatever the reason or the style it gives a bit of colour and fun into the standard variety of cars, where you can choose only colours, interiors and engine size.

CarStyle 2009 ChevroletPhoto: king.jabe

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