Zero to 1,050 MPH in 40 Seconds


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Andy Green, an RAF wing commander, broke the sound barrier in a jet car called ThrustSSC in 1997. Now, a new car capable of breaking the sound barrier is in the making with a lofty goal of 1,000 miles per hour for its top speed.

Entitled Bloodhound Project, the invention is being spearheaded by the original car’s developer, Richard Noble. The car will use not one, but two Spey turbofan engines from the British F-4 Phantom II fighter, and while the last vehicle peaked at 763 mph, the new model will hit Mach 1.4. Not only will it set the land speed record, but they also plan to break the low altitude aircraft speed record of 994 mph.

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The rocket-shaped creation is expected to accelerate from 0 to 1,050 mph in around 40 seconds, and by the time the car reaches its top speed, the pressure on the car will exceed 79,500 pounds per square foot. To counteract this enormous amount of pressure the body is made of ultra-strong carbon fiber and titanium.

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If the car manages to hit its target speed it will be the fastest-ever land-based vehicle. Even more amazing is that the car will make the largest incremental leap from one highest speed to another – the 263 mph gap will be the greatest surpassing speed ever recorded.

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