The 20 Deadliest Cities You Can Visit

Image: Via Caras de Bom Gosto
Image: via Caras De Bom Gosto

More than half of us live in cities. And by 2050, this will have risen to two thirds. Understanding how and why urban spaces become deadly, then, is more important than ever. Take the following 20 cities, for example. Crime, inequality, poverty and unemployment are rife in each of them. These, though, are just some of the factors that make them the most dangerous conurbations you can actually visit, according to Mexico Citizens Council for Public Security’s 2015 report.

Image: Olavomm/Wikimedia Commons
Image: Olavomm

20. Teresina, Brazil

Sweltering Teresina, Brazil’s hottest city, is a booming industrial metropolis that’s home to over one million people. But it is, unfortunately, one of several conurbations in the country’s northeast suffering from a violent crime epidemic. In fact, around two thirds of Teresina’s homicides are related to drug trafficking. This is a relatively new phenomenon here – and one that local police are poorly prepared for.


Image: Michael R. Allen/Wikimedia Commons
Image: Michael R. Allen

19. St. Louis, Missouri

Aggregate homicide rates in the U.S. are falling, but not in St. Louis, Missouri, which is home to over 300,000 people. Indeed, this troubled city on the Mississippi River continues to experience high levels of violence in some of its most deprived districts. Controversially, some city officials blame escalating crime rates on a “Ferguson effect.” Yes, they claim local protests have stretched police resources thin.