13 Most Bizarrely Shaped Islands on Earth

Image: Michael Thirnbeck, used with permission

13. Dolphin

There are so many stunning landscapes on Earth, yet nature never ceases to amaze. Islands are often beautiful enough in their own right when seen from ground level: we don’t need to discern any particular pattern in their design. When viewed from above, you might imagine the shape of islands to be random too, but a look at the following images may make you think again. Sprawled out in the oceans, islands can paint many a strange picture. Mother Nature certainly seems to have had a sense of humor in designing them!

This coral reef island – situated off the north coast of Flores Island, Indonesia – is simply stunning. It looks as though the shape of island was inspired by dolphins that might have been swimming around it. Simply breathtaking!

Image: thienzieyung

12. Smiley

We’re getting this article started on a happy note! The islands of Manukan, Mamutik and Sulug in Malaysia are graciously grouped to form a smiley, greeting visitors fortunate enough to view them from the air.