Thor’s Well: The Pacific Gateway to the Underworld

Image: Miles Morgan

Thors Well, Oregon

Thor’s Well is part of Cape Perpetua, a typical Pacific Northwest headland – a forested area of land on the central Oregon Coast, surrounded by water on three sides. Thor’s Well is also often simply called the Spouting Horn. It is essentially a huge salt water fountain operated by the Pacific Ocean’s power.

This natural spectacle is at its best when it’s the most dangerous to watch – at high tide or during winter storms.

Image: Chris Mullins

Thor’s Well can be accessed from the north side of Cook’s Chasm but there are sharp rocks everywhere and the danger of a strong surge sweeping brave visitors right up is high.

For photographers, the area’s a delight, especially at sunset, yet not many know about the place or dare stay long enough to set up their tripod. We’ve found a few who did and who have come back with stunning results.