Is That a Smoke Pencil in Your Handbag, or… ?

Shock and awe have swept the nationPhoto:

Housewives the world over are going crazy for two new energy saving devices that look more like something teenagers might hide under their mattresses. The Smoke Pencil and the Chimney Balloon are two very useful tools to air-seal your home, but they look a little dubious at first…

Undeniably the name Smoke Pencil is pure genius. It’s a neat little device that allows you to detect draughts in buildings – all you have to do is whip it out, pull the trigger and watch for which way the non-toxic smoke drifts, allowing you to pinpoint any pesky draughts. But don’t keep it in your glove box with your driver’s licence, or you may find yourself having a serious misunderstanding with a state trooper on your next routine traffic stop.

The delightfully named Chimney Balloon may look like an elephant sized contraceptive, but in actual fact, it is a fireplace damper that does a great job of sealing draughts. Dubbed the ‘super-galactic prophylactic’, use it to plug up your old fireplaces, skylights, or even garbage chute. Using a Chimney Balloon will leave you feeling warm this winter, and go a long way towards cutting down your energy bills – something we definitely approve of here at Environmental Graffiti.

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