This Desolate Antarctic Post Office Was Abandoned in 1959 – But It Remains Eerily Frozen In Time

But those inconveniences came with great reward, according to another Port Lockroy staffer named Lauren Elliot. She wrote in a 2020 piece for iNews, “It’s great to see the island changing, the penguins establishing their nests, laying eggs, hatching and rearing their chicks. We have visiting wildlife; whales seals, other species of penguin as well […]

42..Demolishing building

When Workers Began Demolishing A House, They Exposed A Historical Secret Hidden In The Walls

In the centuries between 1290 B.C., when the tomb was built, and the 1st century A.D., when it was sealed after the deaths of Montsuef and his family, the tomb would have been reused many times. However, it subsequently remained untouched for almost two millennia, until Victorian archeologists excavated it. The beautifully preserved shroud later […]

38. Chevrotain

This Rare Creature Was Lost For Nearly 30 Years. Then Scientists Spotted Movement On A Camera Trap

Given the success the Global Wildlife Conservation team had in locating the silver-backed chevrotain, Tilker was hopeful that other elusive animals would eventually be found. He said, “A key aspect to future surveys for lost species will be to work with local communities. Incorporating this local ecological knowledge was critical for our work, and this […]

41..A lone hooded

Decades After A Notorious Kidnapping Case, This Man Made A Startling Discovery About His Family

An FBI spokesperson also gave a statement to the news channel. “Several years ago, the FBI reopened the investigation into the disappearance of Paul Joseph Fronczak,” they said. “Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing as we continue to pursue all leads. We ask for privacy for the victims as we continue to investigate the […]