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These Are The 20 Wealthiest Presidents To Have Ever Entered The White House

Trump is said to be worth billions – supposedly about $3.1 billion, to be more precise. According to Forbes magazine, his real estate holdings in New York alone are worth about $1.5 billion. Beyond the state, his real estate portfolio amounts to roughly $560 million, which is itself just a little more than his fortune […]

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If Your Pet Starts Behaving In This Bizarre Way, You Should Take It To The Vet Immediately

And Dr. Thal added, “[Head pressing] is a rare behavior, and is usually associated with severe neurologic disease. Horses showing true head pressing will usually show other signs of brain disease such as depression, loss of appetite, wobbliness [and] apparent blindness. Horses that are dying of other causes, such as intestinal rupture, may also engage […]

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These Are The 40 Deadliest Animals In The World

1. Mosquito (Culicidae family) Yes, the common mosquito is the world’s deadliest insect. The creature’s penchant for bloodsucking makes it a conduit for all kinds of illnesses. A particular threat is malaria, and the mosquito is apparently responsible for around one million deaths a year just through transmitting this one illness.


If You Eat A Slice Of Bacon A Day, Doctors Say It May Have A Dramatic Impact On Your Health

Indeed, colorectal cancer is a massive problem in America as well. To give you some idea of its scale, the American Cancer Society claimed that over 51,000 people would succumb to the disease in 2019. So while the aforementioned studies have revealed some interesting connections between processed meat and cancer, these numbers suggest that more […]

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A Glass Of Water May Quench Your Thirst – But There’s A Better Drink You Should Try To Stay Hydrated

Hnatiuk added, “We should absolutely still be limiting the added sugars we get from beverages. And while milk is a great, nutritious option for providing us with protein, vitamins and minerals, we don’t need to drink more milk throughout the day than water. These findings would be more suited to an athletic population who are […]