20 Ingenious Features Found Inside The World’s Most Epic Medieval Castles

The ravelin also provided a barrier against artillery attack on the castle’s main walls. They were an important component of star forts – built to counter the power of cannons in the 17th and 18th centuries. Ravelins were constructed with low walls facing the castle that they were defending. This meant that if an enemy […]

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20 Vintage Visions Of The Future That Have Turned Out To Be Remarkably Accurate

Still, Twain’s creative mind allowed him to make a very accurate prediction about the future. In 1898 he shared an idea of a thing called the telectroscope. Once people logged on through their phone lines, they’d be part of an international network of information passed from all over the world. And that sounds an awful […]


This Creature Went Extinct 136,000 Years Ago – But Then Evolution Repeated Itself

Hume then concluded, “Unfortunately, due to human activity, climate change is now happening at an unprecedented rate. And many low islands around the world may be subject to similar inundation events that occurred on Aldabra over 118,000 years ago.” But if that transpires, the evidence suggests that the Aldabra rail birds of today could eventually […]

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Hand Soap Is Key To Stopping The Spread Of Germs – But There Are Some That You May Want To Avoid

In 2016 the FDA actually banned the use of antibacterial agents in hand soaps. And this is a good thing for consumers; studies found that they can infiltrate breast milk and urine. And research conducted in the U.S. and Pakistan found that including antibacterials in soap didn’t actually prevent the spread of infectious diseases, according […]

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75 Years After A Russian Fighter Was Shot Down, Experts Heaved A Wreck From This Murky Lake

The truck carrying Shturmovik 1870930 now headed for Aviarestoration in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. That’s the outfit that restored Junior Lieutenant Skopintsev’s Il-2 which we mentioned earlier. The hope is that Kalichev’s Shturmovik, like Skopintsev’s, will sometime in the future take to the air again. That’ll certainly be a day to remember.

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Mary And Joseph Are Crucial To Jesus’ Story – But Few Know These Details About The Biblical Couple

Dark explained in the Biblical Archaeological Review that that the building had been included in Byzantine era churches. He wrote, “Great efforts had been made to encompass the remains of this building. Both the tombs and the house were decorated with mosaics from the Byzantine period, suggesting that they were of special importance, and possibly […]