4 Momentous Events From The 1970s

The 1970s – a time to savor or a decade best forgotten? We’ll leave you to make that decision. However, there’s no denying that those years saw some truly remarkable events. Everything, from Concorde’s maiden passenger flight to Disneyland opening its gates for the first time, happened during the 1970s. Read on for a quick rundown of some of the decade’s most memorable moments.

4. Apollo 13 blasts off (1970)

The bad luck associated with the number 13 haunted the Apollo mission that NASA launched in April 1970 from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. Apollo 13 should have seen men land on the moon for the third time, but a critical equipment malfunction created an emergency in space. After a single turn around the Moon, the three astronauts headed back to Earth. Thankfully, they made it home safely.

3. Walt Disney World Resort opens (1971)

The very first Disneyland opened in 1955, but in October 1 1971 the most spectacular Disney attraction, Walt Disney World Resort, opened its gates for the first time. Attractions included the Magic Kingdom Park, Fort Wilderness and the Polynesian Resort. Set around Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista in Florida, to say the resort was a success would hardly do it justice. Today, around 52 million people from all over the world visit it every year.


2. Miami Dolphins win the Super Bowl twice in a row (1973 and 1974)

The Miami Dolphins made their first appearance at the Super Bowl final in 1972, but fell short to the Dallas Cowboys, who took the title with a 24 to 3 win. However, in 1973 the Dolphins showed what they were made of when they won the Super Bowl final 14 to 7 against the Washington Redskins. Remarkably, they won it again the following year against the Minnesota Vikings by 24 to 7. Sadly, that 1974 win was the last time the Dolphins triumphed in a Super Bowl final.

1. Concorde’s maiden commercial flight (1976)


A catastrophic crash in July 2000 may have hastened the end of Concorde’s career but it launched in January 21 1976 in triumphant fashion. Many viewed the supersonic passenger plane as the pinnacle of modern technology, while others saw it as an expensive folly. However, for those that flew across the Atlantic from Europe to the U.S. in three-and-a-half hours at speeds of more than 1,300 mph, the experience must have been unforgettable.