5 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

Travelling to Europe, Asia and other continents is top on most people’s vacation list. However, outside of the usual gorgeous places to visit, there are a number of mysterious places, fact or legend, which intrigue scientists to this day. From strange strings of disappearances, to random lights, to enormous statues… nobody has the answer. Perhaps one of you folks will visit and make the discovery that changes history!

1. Easter Island

Off the coast of Chile, Easter Island doesn’t boast any stories of people disappearing or black magic. It is, however, the home of these wicked warrior statues, some up to 50 feet high. The real question about this island is who carved them and how they got there. What mysterious force do you think made them appear? I guess the only thing to do is to go ask one of the 200 native people living on the island. My bet, though, is that communicating with them might prove fruitless considering there is virtually no knowledge of who they are originally.

2. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz

Known for its many optical illusions, this cabin is an oddity like no other. Many a visitor has tried to channel their inner-most mad physicist to figure out why the cabin, seemingly on flat, level ground, will have you tipping over every which way. One simply can’t stand straight. What’s your take?


Image: Alphaios

3. Bermuda Triangle

This part of the world is so mysterious (or large!) there aren’t even any photos of it! This giant sea triangle off the coast of Florida has played host to countless ship and plane disappearances over the centuries. Sounds fishy to me… undersea Sirens a la The Odyssey perhaps? Accounts ranging from natural disasters, to conspiracy theories, to abductions have been used to explain the region’s fateful history.


4. Atlantis

Once again, so shrouded in mystery all we have is a map. The map, showing the world before the continents decided to play musical chairs with the globe, clearly shows a landmass between Africa and America. Nobody knows whether the island was submerged under water, spontaneously combusted, or decided to attach itself to another continent in a fight for space on Earth. Let’s keep on searching shall we?

Image: ArtBrom

5. The Brown Mountain Lights

One in a long series of ghost lights that have appeared in the USA and the world, the Brown Mountain Will-o’-the-wisp lights appear and disappear randomly. Like large strobes in the sky, they seem to pop up and disappear whenever convenient. Until we figure out exactly when they come around, I’ll venture to say Harry Potter or some other wizard is playing tricks with our less magical human minds.