Cow Gives Birth to Baby Piglet!

A farmer in Zimbabwe had claimed that his cow give birth to a piglet. He says this was caused by black magicians to scare him off the land.

PigletPhoto: be_khe

Perhaps it really was done by black magic. Maybe it was a wizard or a witch that cast some spell to make the cow give birth to a piglet. Alternatively, perhaps there was some bad “juju” or maybe it was karma because the farmer did something that he shouldn’t have done and this was how he was repaid. After all, we don’t know what happened because we weren’t there.

While they say it is not possible, perhaps the cow was able to mate with a pig. Maybe there is a giant pig monster in the world, somewhere like Bigfoot! If that is true, it would certainly be amazing!

Panting BulldogPhoto: Tobyotter

There’s the very boring theory that this might actually be a commonplace occurrence – it was just a deformed cow that happened to look like a piglet. There are cows that are deformed that look like bulldogs, but they really are cows. The deformed cow is the most likely theory, but it is also the most down to earth.

Eating CowPhoto: foxypar4