Global Warming Will Spark War

A number of recent studies have highlighted the danger that global warming could spark resource wars. One study, to be published in the August edition of Human Ecology, evaluated correlations between war and climate change between the years 1000AD and 1911AD. The study found that the occurrence of war was in sync with times of agricultural problems due to climate change.

Also, a report was released by several top retired military officials in the U.S. back in April that warned that global warming was a national security threat. They predicted war over water, and various other problems due to rising sea levels.

Of course in an industrialized society, fossil fuels are as important a resource as food and water, making it deeply worrying that we may well experience worldwide peak oil production between 2008 and 2018. Once peak oil does occur, the world will never be able to produce as much oil as it once did. Some scientists believe that by the time the world realizes it has reached peak oil, industrialized nations will have already begun to wage wars against other nations for the dwindling remains of oil. Imagine waking up to CNN or FOX news to hear that the world has reached peak oil…the gas prices at the pump would literally sky rocket.

We need to urge our governments to support alternative fuels and renewable energy. The only way we can do that is to write letters, join campaigns, and spread information. Drive fuel efficient vehicles or conserve as much energy at home as possible. All these things combined will be able to produce a positive reaction.

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