“Here’s Your Kalashnikov, Have a Good Meal!”

image via BBC

If you’ve ever been to Lebanon, you’ll know that the food is awesome. One restaurant in southern Beirut however, has gone a step further: its menu includes a list of weapon names from Kalashnikov to Dragunov, RPG and others. Yep. Welcome to Buns and Guns, the restaurant whose motto is “A sandwich can kill you.”

The owner, Yousef Ibrahim said his intention was to put a smile on people’s faces when they passed by and the atmosphere is highly appropriate (from that perspective). The outside is decorated like a military post and regular music has been replaced with the sounds of gunfire. Even the ceiling has camouflage netting covering it, while realistic weapons line the counter.

Southern Beirut hasn’t exactly been the most peaceful area in recent years – many bloody street battles have been fought there. Nonetheless this approach is novel. I quite like the fact that the menus not only have a list of prices and specialties, but that they are named after weapons like Viper or B52 and there are graphic pictures of the weapon itself. It’s almost educational – I had no idea what a Viper looked like until I saw a picture of the menu.

The restaurant has had stellar success, despite the recent series of street battles in west Beirut, which does bring up a number of questions. For example, will the ironic ideology behind the café get lost on some and have the opposite effect – to glorify conflict? What effect will it have on the families of the victims of street battles? It’d be interesting to hear your thoughts.

In the mean time, here’s your Kalashnikov – have a good meal!

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