Only in Russia…

Group bungee jumping over a frozen river in RussiaPhoto:
Images via English Russia

The latest craze in Russia is ice bungee jumping – in a group! Here’s what you do. You take your 20 closest friends, find a nice railway bridge over a frozen river, attach yourself with a rope to the bridge (don’t forget this step), line up and jump as the train approaches. Make sure to be on your way out before the cops come. See some more crazy pictures of this new outdoor sport…

Whoa, here they come!Rope jumpers swinging from the bridgePhoto:

As this all looks very homemade, one wonders how the bungee jumpers get back up. Do they have 20 more trusty friends pulling them back in or do they actually jump onto the icy river? In any case, it’s a crazy idea that’s sure to blossom only in really cold climates.

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