What’s the Story Behind these Pics?


No prizes going this week for guessing the story behind this strange but colorful image of a doctored Dresden doll. The first haunting image of a derelict amusement park should give you a clue.

Dresden DollPhoto:

We’d love to be in the position to offer a prize every week but until we get some EG merchandising going, or anyone wants to organize a give-away deal, we’re going to have to settle with being entertained with your great, and often very funny, answers.

Last Week’s Winner

Alli was spot on with her summary of last week’s image, which featured two men seemingly holding back a surging hoard.

The photograph, entitled Famine in Niger, was taken by Omar Vega and won 1st prize at last year’s Black & White Spider Awards, an organization dedicated to the advancement of black and white photography.

This year’s deadline for entries was 31 August so judging is now in progress but you can be part of the exclusive online Nomination and Winners Presentation on 19 October 2008, which last year drew 10,000 viewers. Or better still, get snapping and enter your own photos next year.