WTF? Online Community to Celebrate Your Toilet’s Birthday


‘There’s a blog born every second, a sucker born every minute and 133 million children born every year. But how often is a toilet born?’

The answer to that is likely to be: very frequently. But despite their large and ever increasing numbers a new website called aims to celebrate each and every beautiful ceramic cistern system individually.

The humble toilet, so often anonymous, yet so often our greatest friend in our hour of need. From bidets to squats, urinals to flushers they’ve seen it all – and whilst lifting the seat, finding the date of manufacture, photographing it and then posting it on the internet might seem like a wacky thing to do, there’s more at stake than just toilet humour here.

Toiletbirthdays has several pages of toilet photos (public and private) along with their ‘birthdays’ for your (slightly leftfield) viewing pleasure. Included with each picture is the toilet’s location and a little biographical information. It must be said, there is something strangely fascinating about the pictures – perhaps a slightly watered down version of looking at pictures of road traffic accidents.

But don’t be lulled by the disarming combination of its facile attractions: behind the photos lies a serious message – water conservation. A large part of the site is devoted to tips on how to save water and seeing as the toilet uses almost 30 % of bathroom water and the bathroom itself 50 % of household water, it seems like a message that’s worthwhile.

Chief Graffiti Artist Chris Ingham Brooke secured an exclusive interview with the site’s creator, Chris Moloney (pic below)

CIB: How did you come up with the idea for toilet birthdays?

CM: My friend Emma Hogbin (who lives in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada) was having her bathroom renovated. When they yanked her old toilet out of the floor, she noticed there was a date stamped inside the tank. As she does whenever something odd occurs in her life, she emailed me (a guy from Brampton, Ontario, Canada who now lives in New York City). There was also a date in my toilet and thus toilet birthday history was made.

The toilet that started it all – the green monster.

CIB: What’s the message behind it? Is it random crap (excuse the pun) or is there something more serious?

CM: A little of both. We distract you with entertaining pictures of toilets just before we jab you with tips on water conservation. It’s not unlike how they kill a snitch in prison.

CIB: What about that old adage ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down?

CM: I prefer ‘milk, milk, lemonade – around the back fudge is made.’

CIB: If you came round to my house, would you inspect my toilet?

CM: I’m not falling for that again.

Mr. Moloney declined to elaborate on exactly what he ‘fell’ for last time, but it seems likely whatever it is – he’s a wee bit embarrassed about it (apologies). In all seriousness Chris’ blog is an interesting, if slightly bizarre way of promoting an environmentally friendly message – nobody can accuse water conservation of being boring now, so check it out and perhaps celebrate your own toilet’s birthday into the bargain.