The 20 Most Haunted Hotels In The World

For most of us, staying in a hotel is a great way to get away from it all and catch up on some much needed sleep. But if you choose to spend the night in any one of these 20 haunted hotels from around the world, sleep just might be the last thing on your mind. Indeed, it seems that in these accommodations the spirits aren’t only limited to the bar.

Banff_Springs_Hotel_haunted canadaImage: James Levy

20. Fairmont Banff Springs – Alberta, Canada

The impressive Fairmont Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada was unveiled in 1888 as a railway hotel. Over the years, though, it has apparently acquired the spirit of a newlywed who died here in a fall on her wedding day. People say she still likes to dance in the ballroom.

19. Ballygally Castle – County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The 17th-century Ballygally Castle in Ireland was once home to Lady Isobel Shaw, who allegedly suffered a fatal fall from one of the castle’s windows. These days, she is known to knock on guests’ doors, and some ghostly children have also been heard in the rooms.


18. The Hollywood Roosevelt – Los Angeles, California

Tinseltown titans Marylin Monroe, Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin have all stayed at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Roosevelt, and it seems that Monroe is still a guest to this day. Indeed, guests have claimed to have spotted the icon’s ghostly reflection in one of the hotel’s mirrors.


17. The Langham Hotel – London, England

In 2014 members of the England cricket team were ridiculed in the press for saying that ghosts had kept them awake during their stay at London’s Langham Hotel. However, the hotel is said to have at least seven spirits, with room 333 being a particular hot spot for hauntings.

16. Hotel Chelsea – New York, New York

In 1953 the poet Dylan Thomas passed away in New York’s Hotel Chelsea, and in 1978 Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious was accused of murdering Nancy Spungen in the hotel’s room 100. And, apparently, both Thomas and Vicious are still checked in to the hotel.


15. The Skirrid Inn – Wales, U.K.

The Skirrid Inn in Monmouthshire, Wales has apparently been around for nearly a century and was previously used as a courthouse and execution arena. In fact, its “hanging beam” is still in place today, and, unsurprisingly, guests have reported being visited by hanging victims during their stays.

14. The Mermaid Inn – East Sussex, England

The Mermaid Inn is so full of spooks that it even featured on an episode of Most Haunted, a British paranormal investigation show. Among the ghouls said to be present are a man who can walk through walls and the spirit of a maid.


13. Dragsholm Slot – Hørve, Denmark

It has been said that guests of Dragsholm Slot – or Dragsholm Castle – must share the accommodation with up to 100 ghosts. The most famous of these specters is the White Lady, who was reputedly imprisoned below the castle for loving a peasant.

grand hyatt hotel taiwan Image: Lord Koxinga

12. Grand Hyatt Hotel – Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan’s Grand Hyatt Hotel was constructed on the site of what used to be a political prison, and it’s thought to be haunted by the tormented souls of those detainees who lost their lives while in residence. Hotel management has, however, made efforts to ward off these otherworldly guests.


11. The Heathman Hotel – Portland, Oregon

Ghostly activity at The Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon seems to be limited to rooms 703, 803 and 1003. This is allegedly because somebody leaped off the building to their death and is now plaguing the rooms they passed before they hit the ground.

10. The Russell Hotel – Sydney, Australia

The Russell Hotel sits in an area of Sydney, Australia known as The Rocks and is home to the ghost of an old sailor. This deckhand is said to haunt room 8, where he frightens guests by appearing to watch over them.


9. Bourbon Orleans – New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana’s Bourbon Orleans used to be an orphanage, and guests have reported seeing a ghostly girl racing after a ball along one of its hallways. Plus, the ghost of a dancer has been spotted in the ballroom, and a soldier apparently stalks the corridors too.

8. Hotel Burchianti – Florence, Italy

Spooky occurrences inside the Hotel Burchianti in Italy include the sighting of a pink wraith in its Fresco Room and guests feeling like they’re being crushed under an inexplicable weight. Perhaps this is down to the hotel’s building dating back to the 1600s.


7. Hever Castle – Kent, England

Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s second spouse, is said to haunt her previous residence of Hever Castle in the U.K. Indeed, she supposedly makes her presence felt frequently the day before Christmas.

baker hotel texas hauntedImage: anyjazz65

6. The Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells, Texas

The Baker Hotel is currently undergoing renovation, meaning guests will soon once again be able to stay in this imposing, celebrated hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. They might also encounter its resident ghost, which is the spirit of a spurned female who committed suicide.


5. 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Arkansas’ 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa practically thrives on its reputation as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” and even offers ghosts tours to curious visitors. Its haunters are many, including a female in Victorian underwear in room 3500 and a 19th-century laborer in room 218.

karosta prison hotel latvia Image: via Algirdas

4. Karosta Prison Hotel – Liepāja, Latvia

At Latvia’s Karosta Prison Hotel lodgers are treated just like the real prisoners of war who were detained here during World War II. They’ll also reportedly have to share the cells of the spirits of those who died while incarcerated.


3. Cecil Hotel – Los Angeles, California

Cecil Hotel’s true-life past is almost as fascinating as its stories of ghosts. Certainly, it has previously been home to two serial killers and at least five others have been found dead in or around the hotel. Consequently, it is thought to be haunted and cursed.

RMS Queen Mary haunted hotelImage: JD Lasica

2. The Queen Mary – Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary has been called “one of the most haunted places in the world” and is believed to hold up to 150 ghosts on its imperious deck. One of these ghouls allegedly died in 1966 and now wanders the ship on approach to room 13.


the stanley hotel estes park coloradoImage: Hustvedt


1. Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is well known as the inspiration for The Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s The Shining. Plus, the hotel’s website claims its original owners “continue to go about the business of running their beloved establishment as though they were still alive.”