California Man Has 7,000 Skulls In His House
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Remember that weird teacher you had in high school? No matter what, I promise you they weren’t as strange as Ray Bandar, a retired high school science teacher in California who has taken up collecting skulls as a hobby and currently has over 7,000 of them.


Mr. Bandar, who affectionately goes by “Bones,” is a longtime volunteer for the California Academy of Sciences and mostly owns skulls of marine mammals, but has some that are particularly spectacular– even an elephant skull is to be found on the three-hour tour of his home. He considers it to be akin to visiting a museum, but has gone to great lengths to keep information away from his neighbors, as regards to how he prepares some of the skulls for display. The elephant skull in particular, he claims to have buried and exhumed in his backyard, under the cover darkness.

He has got such an amazing story and collection that he’s now become the subject of a short documentary called “Shelf Life.” We’re treated to an in-depth look at his life and the method to his madness, as well as how those around him wear the energy Ray devotes to his rather odd passion. His wife may have the best solution: no skulls in the bedroom.

You can watch a earlier video of “Bones Bandar” and his incredible collection here: